Double Slider

For a commercial for Taco Bell, I was asked to track back, and camera right, on a wide-angle macro lens, as if an aerial shot.

I had the grips rig two original sliders (4’) perpendicular to one another, and hang the works upside-down. With the camera mounted upside-down and a skater scope attached to it, we were able to achieve an incredible move.

Ultimately the shot was scrapped from the creative, but that’s life. It was fun putting it together.


Circular Camera Moves

Recently some shots have called for circular camera moves- for this I employed the genius P + S Technik Skater Dolly and Skaterscope. 

This Skater Dolly system, with relative ease, permits the camera to rotate around a nodal point, and it’s very accurate and repeatable.

The Skaterscope is a highly flexible periscope/ borescope that accepts select Cine lenses and makes framing low shots (among others) a cinch. 

Setup pictured here:


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Tabletop innovation

I am constantly evolving and improving my tabletop skills, and love a challenging shot.

This shot called for a tight shot on a relatively wide lens, then the camera to track back and track camera right, to reveal the food ensemble.

We used two 4’ Original sliders, one mounted to the other, and both inverted and suspended by a pipe rig.

The camera was rigged upside down as well, on a fluid head.

Attached to the camera was P + S Technik Skaterscope, with a 20mm Zeiss Ultrprime. 

The result was excellent; smooth, repeatable move with great precision and style.

Wide angle macro food shot achieved!

Double inverted slider rig. 

Double inverted slider rig. 

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Employed an amazing tool to achieve great moves with floor-scraping angles, the Parryscope, pictured here on a Straight Shootr jib arm, with a Lambda head, Arri Alexa Mini and Cooke S4's.



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